Here we’ll have some fun. We’ve included loads of research and so that you can leap right into the world of Assurity. After all, our story begins one-hundred years in the future—of course, life is very different. Remember, if you start reading Assurity bonus material, be careful, you may discover things that could spoil the story for you.


Veronica morgan VERONIKA TAYLOR MORGAN The heroine,  (45), a driven professional, is married to Dr. Niles Morgan. They have a son, Ori (12), and a daughter, Cassia Morgan (21). Abandoned by her Alzheimer’s-stricken father, who took his own life on her 21st birthday, she was forced to take over his company, Taylor Interstellar Mining & Manufacturing Inc., (TIMMI). Skeptical of anyone else's ability to perform a job properly, especially androids—and deathly afraid of cryosleepshe must overcome her inability to trust and work in concert with others. Her aeronautical and mechanical knowledge is unequaled, her people skills, ghastly. Short-fused with anyone she deems an incompetent shirker, Veronika is not afraid to take what she considers to be ''calculated risks'' which others usually deem reckless.


Dr Morgan

DR. NILES MORGAN (45), married to Veronika Taylor-Morgan, is Director of Disease Control for the World Health Continuum (WHC). The prominent Morgan Pharmaceutical family has for generations been a major player in pioneering drugs, most recently their dementia drug ClearThought TM. When delirium is recognized as a world threat, Niles is chosen by WHC to lead a team of scientists in developing a cure. Unfortunately, delirium mutates faster than they can develop a cure. On earth, Niles works closely with Prof. I’jaz Nehem and his daughter Cassia. Together they uncover the true genesis of delirium and begin to unravel the deliberate corruption of humanity's genetic blueprint.




CASSIA MORGAN (21), daughter of Veronika and Dr. Niles Morgan, plays an important role in Assurity. Like other young students in medical school, due to the lack of doctors or nurses, she is put on a ''fast track'' to her medical license. As a doctor, she joins her father in London as part of his team to search for the correlation he sees between ancient man's DNA and the aliens' DNA. Cassia strikes up a close friendship with her co-worker Prof. I'jaz Nehem but disagrees with both her father and I'jaz's line of research. Seeming to fight them all the way, eventually, her quick intellect allows her to enhance what they have uncovered and offers enlightened insight that leads to the cure for delirium.




DR. JADA BLACKMAN COLE (20s): Jada's mother died when she was only 7. An only child, Jada was raised by her father, a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins University. As the crew joins Assurity, we see that Jada and Zeke are a ''pair''. When Philex-B, the ship's female android, is seen as a competitor for Zeke, Jada has a jealous fit bringing about a serious riff between the three. At times unreliable, she is instrumental in helping Veronika manage her delirium and competent in getting the DNA samples back to Earth so that the cure may be produced.



IsaacISAAC NEWTON is Assurity's A.I. responsible for running most of the processes on the ship. He has been fashioned utilizing the persona of the 17th Century Sir Isaac Newton. Isaac brings logic, character, and humor to the story. As Veronika's most trusted ally, she seeks Isaac's advice more readily than any human crew member. Isaac is also the ship Chaplin and Philosopher bringing a level of spirituality to a young generation from a time when religion is no longer considered relevant.




 LT. COMDR. RIGEL is a Multan A.I. prototype. An android. Self-actualizing, he is in command when the crew is in cryo-sleep. Rigel is male, six ft. tall, slim, muscular, and very handsome. He will not, however, be mistaken for a human due to the slight but distinctive security stamp dressing the right side of his forehead. Due to his decision to not awaken the crew from cryo-sleep upon being overtaken by a solar storm, two of the crew members die.



Philex B LT. PHILEX-B (30), her name pronounced "fylex", is 5’ 9”, android, very attractive and equipped with enhanced strength. Unknown to her at first, Philex models are no longer being produced — she is the last of her kind. Like a young teenager, often distracted, she is on a constant search for life’s meaning. A major character, her search for transformation begins with constant questions directed to Veronika about love, family and why am I here. Distrusted, blamed and put down by the young crew for the death of their fellow crew members, she’s determined to understand and better relate to humans. Philex-B is a continual annoyance to Veronika who determines that she's suffering from errant programming due to a lack of focus toward her responsibilities. Ultimately, the revelation about who she is makes her a perfect ally and trusted friend to Veronika. 


Ijaz Nehem 250px final

PROF. I'JAZ NEHEM (35), is professor of anthropology at the Alexandria Muslim Caliphate of Islamic States. Specially recruited by his friend Dr. Niles Morgan, I'jaz brings a unique perspective to the team. His father, now deceased, was a Muslim and his mother is a Christian. I'jaz believes that there is an ancient connection between the celestial beings found in Antarctica and the disease delirium. Having studied the sacred literature of many disciplines, I'jaz is convinced that the giants of old that ruled the earth, appearing in almost every culture, were somehow connected to the disease that now threatens mankind's existence.




 SABINA TESLA (20s), is a gifted pilot. With a broad understanding of Assurity, she is able to compensate for the two deceased crew members. Italian/Brazilian, her parents are successful industrialists living in Brazil, part of the League of American States. Sabina, the youngest of the crew, is nicknamed ''beauty''. She’s little and pretty. She is the kindest girl you will ever meet, but she will throw you an insult faster than a shooting star. She doesn’t want anyone else to captain the ship except Veronika and sides with Veronika when things go snarky. Compassionate, she makes fast friends with Xiao Xing when no one else will. Sabina wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen busily inspecting her cheekbones for pimples in the wall mirror. She's a great friend, and you can always depend on her, but if you cross her she'll tell you to ''take a leap out the airlock''— as long as you're not the captain.


ZEKE ALEXANDER (20s), is trained in astrophysics and advanced navigation. Commander Zeke Alexander is the son of Rhea Alexander, British Columbia's League of American States senator. His father is L.A.S. Brigadier General Cyril Alexander. A brilliant and capable pilot, now in his first active command position—waking from cryosleep he finds the "robots" have failed to save two crew members from death. He’s outraged, distrustful of the androids and of Veronika's leadership due to her lack of training as a Captain, combined with her risky decision-making. Doubtful that this mission can succeed, during the difficult journey, Zeke observes Veronika's brilliance and integrity and gradually becomes her close ally in the face of a mutiny by some of the other crew members. 


Tatiana TATIANA KOROLEV (20s), from the Russian Federation, she is Chief Engineer, and a pilot, Tatiana is an energetic, vivacious, Russian beauty. Greatest desire: Reconfigure the antimatter system to increase near-light speed. Her great, great Uncle Sergei Pavlovich Korolev is considered by many as the father of practical astronautics. A minor character, she is easily manipulated and changes alliances quickly. She is slow to make critical decisions, which puts her at odds with Veronika, and in a critical situation, her delay almost leads to the demise of the crew.



XiaoXIAO XING (28, pronounced “Shou Shing”) is Chindian professor of ancient languages at Chindian Legacy University. The crew is resentful about her joining them late—untrained and a citizen of the sometimes adversarial country of Chindia. The result is that it causes her, at first, to be reserved and quiet. Studying under Prof. Grostok at Russian Federation Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology, Xiao Xing is a brilliant linguist as well as a highly trained anthropologist. An ally of Veronika, she is a bit of a loner and distraught when her only friend Sabina is forced to leave. Of course, that all changes when they reach the planet Nemesis and her fascination, confidence and fearless drive shines.

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